What is Ayurveda ? Hela Waidya Shilpaya ?

Ayurveda is knowledge on longevity. It is a discipline of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Historical teachings reveal that it is the same discipline practiced by saints & spiritual leaders of Hinduism. It is said that these monasterial saints lived abnormally long lives. Their teachings on a health & longevity is practiced ever since until today.

Indigenous Medicine

Indigenous medicine is blessed with Ayurveda. But, it is a native and a unique discipline. Sri Lanka has a long history of indigenous medicine. Even though ‘Maha Vansa’, never speaks of Great King Ravana. He is said to be the founder of Indigenous Medicine. The history of Sri Lanka holds vast amount of information on the measures the kings took up the erection and maintenance of hospitals as one of their prime most duties. ‘Maha vansa’ the great history book of Sri Lanka, emphasis that in far history, 4376 BC king Pandukabhaya constructed hospitals. Great King Duttu Gemunu (161 BC) has built hospitals at 18 different places in the country and maintained them with state coffers. Civilians not only enjoyed free medical facilities but, in return the nation hailed the king & of his wisdom. It is remarkable, that the earliest hospital In Europe the Maison Dieu of Paris is said to have been opened in the 7t century. King Buddhadasa (498 – 426 AD) was an eminent physician himself built hospitals for the sick people and animals. One of the incidents from king’s life recall that once he treated a poisonous snake. The great King Buddhadasa made a valuable contribution by creating Sarathasamgrahaya a compendium of all existing handbooks composed in Sanskrit. Secret of healthy, well maintained long journeys of life of Sri Lankans is the indigenous medicine.


Who We Are

Morawaka is a beautiful village city in the southern part of Sri Lanka, ‘Vedha Gedhara’ is Physician’s House in Sinhalese. Along this long journey many scholars have nourished & contributed towards the growth of indigenous Medicine. ‘Morawaka Vedha Gedhara’ is a vital pillar of this contribution. They are trusted & honored for generations. Even today people experience the same kindness & wonders of indigenous medicine of a long history as the doors are open for treatments for any illness even without charging a penny. Orbit World International is the name world know about us. Long history of knowledge blended with innovation & modern technology, now offers you with the same healing powers in a form of capsule, paste or a herbal tea for hassle free consumption.

Our Vision

Healthy & happy planet through Ayurveda and Indigenous Medical innovations.

Our Mission

Ayurveda and Indigenous medical systems blend with new technology to create innovative, hassle free herbal solutions for a Healthy & happy human planet of tomorrow’s generation. As health is wealth among civilizations today.